Scanning Electron Microscope

The SEM microscope is a FEI Quanta 650F Scanning Electron Microscope equipped with twin Bruker 30mm2 Energy Dispersive Spectrometers (EDS), SE and BSE detectors. The chemical composition of the sample can be analyzed with the two EDS detectors, either by point analysis or by elemental mapping, in general for elements with a concentration lager than 0.5 %. The Esprit software (Bruker) can also perform particle “feature” analysis and the “Job” is a function, that can help you performing the measurement automatically.

The SEM microscope has large chamber and custom-made holders, which allow analysis of a wide range of samples, polished blocks, thin sections and rock slabs.

Access and Training

Our equipment is available for both internal and external users. Please request usage by contacting the laboratory manager


All new users will receive initial one-on-one training after attending a basic training lecture. We have a collaboration with DTU Nanolab and the training lecture will take place at DTU Nanolab. For training please contact Berit Wenzell.



Ming Li
Center for Olie og Gas - DTU
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Berit Wenzell
Akademisk Laboratorie Tekniker
DTU Nanolab
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