Interview with research talents

Yan YangYan Yang

Yan’s background
I studied Oil and Gas Engineering at China University of Petroleum, and obtained my B.Eng and Ph.D. degree in July 2007 and June 2013, respectively. During my Ph.D. studies, I spent six months in the School of Chemistry at Monash University in Australia to study electrochemistry as a visiting scholar. After graduation, I worked as a lecturer in the School of Petroleum Engineering at Changzhou University, China to conduct the scientific studies on the multiphase flow and corrosion behaviour in Oil and Gas Engineering. Currently, I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Section of Materials and Surface Engineering at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, DTU. To date, I have published more than 40 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers, granted one international patent and ten Chinese patents.

Present your project
I am investigating the characteristics and composition of corrosion scale and the nature of corrosion on the corroded pipes from different wells. I am trying to understand how the corrosion scale and the corrosion pit form and grow under the scale, respectively.

What do you expect the major challenges in your area of study will be?
The environment within oil and gas producing wells is very complex. The composition of scale and corrosion under scales varies significantly in different wells. In order to investigate the scaling problem and the mechanism of under deposit corrosion, we need to combine the advanced technology and methods, as well as the transfer of extensive knowledge and cooperation.

How do you plan to contribute in solving these problems?
My background in corrosion and petroleum engineering will help me in tackling these challenges. I will also improve the modern characterization methods and employ them in the characteristics of the scale corrosion. In addition, the frequent group discussions and meetings will provide me state-of-the-art information and data for my project.

What are your expectations for your future career?
I would like to continue my career as a researcher (and teacher) in the field of energy, in academia or industry.
6 APRIL 2020