Conference Abstracts

This site is continuously updated with conference abstracts.


  • Jahanbani Veshareh, M. & Nick, H.M. (2019, May). Microbial ecology of seawater flooded petroleum reservoirs: a modelling and field study. Interpore conference 2019, Valencia. 

  • Stubsgaard A. & Nick, H.M. (2019, May). Multiphysics modeling of porous media acid dissolution: the effects of acid fluid properties and geometry on wormhole formation. Interpore conference 2019, Valencia.
  • Bonto, M., Eftekhari, A. A., & Nick, H.M. (2019, May). The impact of the calcite surface charge on multicomponent transport in chalk aquifers. Interpore conference 2019, Valencia. 

  • Jahanbani Veshareh, M. & Nick, H.M. (2019, May). Non-isothermal Reservoir Souring Simulations. Interpore conference 2019, Valencia. 

  • Taheriotaghsara, M., Bonto, M., Feilberg K., Eftekhari, A. A., & Nick, H. (2019, May). Mathematical modelling of modified salinity water flooding in carbonate rocks. Interpore conference 2019, Valencia. 

  • Bonto, M., Eftekhari, A. A., & Nick, H.M. (2019, May). Reactive transport modeling in carbonate reservoirs and assessment of the adsorption of oil polar components on the rock surface. Interpore conference 2019, Valencia. 

  • Farhadzadeh M., Bonto M., Eftekhari A.A., Yesibolati M., Mølhave K., & Nick, H. (2019, May). Modified salinity water flooding: pore-scale simulations and microfluidic experiments. Interpore conference 2019, Valencia.

  • Hajiabadi R., & Nick, H.M. (2019, May). Hydro-mechanical effects on the stability of RJD wells and production rate. Interpore conference 2019, Valencia. 

  • Andrianov, N., & Nick, H.M. (2019, May). Numerical simulation of low salinity waterflood on fractured chalk outcrop-based models. Interpore conference 2019, Valencia. 

  • Kadeethum, T., Salimzadeh, S., & Nick, H.M. (2019, May). Impact of Heterogeneous Fracture Aperture on the Well Productivity of Deformable Fractured Porous Media. Interpore conference 2019, Valencia. 

  • Kadeethum, T., Nick, H.M., Salimzadeh, S.,  Richardson C.N.,  Ballarin F., & Lee S. (2019, May). A Mixed-dimensional Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Coupled Flow and Transport in Fractured Porous Media . Interpore conference 2019, Valencia. 

  • Taheriotaghsara, M., Eftekhari, A. A., & Nick, H.M. (2019, May). Modeling the effect of time-dependent wettability modification in modified salinity water flooding. Interpore conference 2019, Valencia. 



  • Wu, J., Lind, M., Karnati, P. & Asheim, B. A. (2018). Functional Model-based Process Deviation Scenarios Identification and Analysis of a Gas Treatment Plant. European Safety and Reliability Association (ESRA).
  • Prins, L. K., Andresen, K. J. & Clausen, O. R. (2018, January). Buried Valleys in the Danish Central Graben. NGWM 2018.



  • Seyyedi, M. & Sohrabi, M. (2017). Experimental Investigation of the Performance of Low Salinity Carbonated Brine Injection as an EOR Scenario in Oil-Wet Sandstone Reservoirs. Interpore 2017.



  • Foldager, F. & Anders A. (2016, November). Water-Soil-Structure interaction using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics. DHRTC Technology Conference 2016
24 AUGUST 2019