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PhD projects at DHRTC

Talent development is a core activity at DHRTC. We find and shape the most talented researchers who are passionate about the future of the energy sector. As a PhD student at DHRTC, you get the opportunity to help solve specific problems in the Danish part of the North Sea in close cooperation with the industry. In other words, you can see your research become real solutions that create value in the field.

About a third of our research at DHRTC is conducted by PhD students. The research talents thus create a vital part of our knowledge production, and we are proud of the development they create at DHRTC.

Network in the network

Firstly, as a PhD student at DHRTC, you gain access to the large DHRTC network, where you will get in touch with some of the most talented researchers and industry partners from all over the world. All DHRTC's partner institutions have specific areas of expertise, which is why we fund PhD projects across the entire network organization. In addition to the researchers, the PhD student will make contact with industry partners who face the challenge that the PhD project is trying to solve every day. At DHRTC, we are experts in making this collaboration successful, so the PhD project does not just end up in the drawer.

However, you also become part of some smaller networks within the research program you are affiliated with, and last but not least you will be part of a network of approx. 60 PhD students at DHRTC. The PhD project is thus not an isolated experience, but rather an exercise in navigating the intersection between a large number of disciplines, just as one does in the industry.

We advertise PhD positions here. 

Try your hand at research on improved oil recovery

There are a number of different opportunities to gain insight into DHRTC's research. E.g. each year we host a summer school during which students are introduced to how DHRTC improves oil and gas production in the Danish part of the North Sea.

You can read more about our Summer School here.

Completed PhD projects

Read about the completed PhD projects at DHRTC. 

Former PhD student Maiya Medetbekova shares her view on how it is to be a PhD student at DHRTC. 
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