In 2017 Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre opened our new labs in building 375 on DTU Lyngby Campus. Meet the lab team, and explore the facilities and some of the activities taking place here. Find contact information for each person by clicking their name.  

Meet the team

The lab team consists of four core employees and one external employee. Learn more about their work here. You can find contact information for each person by clicking on their name. 

The lab team 

Karin Petersen is head of the laboratories, Work Environment coordinator and a head-representative in the working environment organisation. 

Annette Eva Jensen is the responsible technician on Reservoir Fluid, a working environment representative, superuser at the purchasing system, and handling of waste.

Jesper Hollensen is the responsible technician on Core Flooding and sample preparation, responsible for service deals and handling waste.

Trine Fyhn Poulsen is a student worker in the lab team. She studies environmental studies at DTU. 

Thera Thuong Dang is an assisting technician, who is seconded one day a week from CERE at DTU Chemical Engineering. 


External employees 

Kirsten Inga Kling is an external, academic laboratory technician, who works at DTU CEN. She assists with SEM in room 903.

Henning Osholm Sørensen is a senior researcher, employed at DTU Physics, who assists with micro- and nano-CT scanners in room 905. 


Karin Petersen
Laboratory Manager
Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU
+4522 80 88 33


Annette Eva Jensen
Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU
+4521 32 73 21


Jesper Arvedlund Hollensen
Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU
+4593 51 03 70