Morten Jeppesen

New Director at Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Center

Wednesday 19 Dec 18

DTU has decided to appoint acting Director Morten Jeppensen as director for Center for Oil and Gas - DTU with effect from 19 December 2018.

The partners of the center are the five leading Danish research institutes Aarhus University, Aalborg University, Technical University of Denmark, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), University of Copenhagen as well as the industrial partner and main sponsor Danish Underground Consortium.

In relation to Morten Jeppesen's appointment, DTU's president Anders Bjarklev says:

"I am pleased that DTU will continue to benefit from Morten Jeppesen's extensive experience and knowledge, so that we, in collaboration with the center's partners, can work on improving the recovery of oil and gas from the Danish underground. This work helps to ensure that Denmark has the energy required to generate growth and well-being in the transition to a fossil fuel independent society."

In cooperation with the center's partners and stakeholders, it will be Morten Jeppesen's task to build on the foundation already laid as well as identifying new opportunities for increasing and improving the recovery from the Danish oil and gas fields.

"I look forward to the wide interdisciplinary research cooperation, which in the coming years will deliver innovative technological solutions and support the oil and gas industry's development in a cost-effective and environmentally responsible direction for the benefit of the Danish society," says Morten Jeppesen.

Morten Jeppesen graduated from the University of Copenhagen in 1991 and worked for Maersk Oil until 2017 when he became Programme Director at the Danish Hydrocarbon Research & Technology Center. Throughout his career, Morten has been involved in a wide range of oil and gas exploration and production projects in Denmark, Qatar, Angola and Norway.

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