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Tuesday 22 Jan 19
Do you have a crazy, wild idea? Do you want to collaborate with industry and research experts within the oil and gas community and achieve the funds to carry it out into real life? Join the Radical Innovation Sprint 2019 and be a part of a fun and ambitious programme with a steep learning curve.

The Radical Innovation Team invites you to be a part of an intense and ambitious three-month program that pushes you to step outside the comfort zone and to think outside the box. Everyone can participate in the Radical Innovation Sprint and no prior knowledge of the oil and gas industry is required.

“We are looking for the ideas that otherwise would not find their way to the oil and gas industry. The ideas and solutions that are not obvious or easily transferred,” explains Karen Guldbæk Schmidt, a member of the Radical Innovation Team.

There are no limits – no ideas are too wild or too radical, as long the idea has application potential in the Danish part of the North Sea.

Support throughout the process

"We are looking for the ideas and solutions that are not obvious or easily transferred"
Karen Guldbæk Schmidt

The Radical Innovation Team will be there to support you throughout the process. They will gladly assist you in maturing your idea prior to submission and in finding the application potential.

In February and March, it will be possible to meet the Radical Innovation Team across the country to debate and evaluate potential radical ideas in Ideation Workshops. Here you can further be introduced to the industry and the challenges that it is facing.

“The Radical Innovation Team is taking a road trip around our network and partner institutions as we seek out the researchers where they are – we are excited and ready and hope to reach a number of talented researchers in all kind of research areas,” says Karen Guldbæk Schmidt.

Carry out your idea

DHRTC’s Radical Innovation Sprint offers funding to those ideas with the potential of making an impact in the oil and gas industry. Within the last two years, 25% of the submitted ideas achieved funding.

Celebrate your findings

At the end of the programme, you will be able to present your results for your fellow radical idea makers, as we celebrate and applaud the new findings at the RIS Close-Out Day. Read more about some of the challenges faced by last year’s participants and how the programme has contributed to further research here.


The deadline for submission is 1 May 2019


Read more here and find out how to join the Ideation Workshop near you

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