A visit from future colleagues

A visit from future colleagues

Wednesday 23 Jan 19

Tuesday, geoscience students from four different Gymnasiums around the country visited both industry and research to explore possible career paths.

The first four geoscience classes from Danish gymnasiums participated in a new initiative aimed at future colleagues. They are from Gefion, Frederikssund, Esbjerg and Grenå Gymnasium, respectively. Tuesday, the students from Gefion and Frederikssund Gymnasium visited HESS in central Copenhagen and Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre (DHRTC) in Lyngby. Simultaneously, students from Esbjerg and Grenå Gymnasium visited TOTAL and Aalborg University in Esbjerg.

At DHRTC, it is the first time Gymnasium students have been introduced to the center and Lene Hjelm Poulsen, Local Focal Point at DTU, is excited about the initiative,

“DHRTC wishes to attract students to the geoscience field. There is a need for people who understands the subsurface – especially in a sustainable society. We see it as a part of the transition towards a more sustainable society,” tells Lene Hjelm Poulsen. 

Sustainability was on the agenda as the students will be a part of a society in transition. One of the focus points when introducing the students to DHRTC were to introduce the nature of the center and its active part in the Danish Governments energy mix planning. As oil and gas are an inevitable part of the energy substitution plan and the Energy Agreement, the students were further introduced to the many challenges associated with a fossil free society and the current and future consumption of oil and gas. 

After being introduced to DHRTC, the students were introduced to the laboratories and the practical experiments taking place. When the students had gathered a little bit of courage, they asked about anything from the outputs of smart water injections to the practical usage of SEM and CT Scanners. Meanwhile, half of the students engaged in conversations about careers and opportunities.

Before entering DHRTC, the students had visited HESS – where the students was introduced to platforms and rigs as well as the importance of geoscience in the oil business.

Simultaneously, the students from respectively Grenå and Esbjerg Gymnasium visited TOTAL and Aalborg University in Esbjerg. Here, the students had a similar day as TOTAL introduced ‘geoscience work’ and AAU Esbjerg toured the students around their laboratories and introduced them to their PhD projects.

Together, the institutions have presented the young students of some of the many possibilities within the field of geoscience and, hopefully, inspired them to become future colleagues.

Collaboration partners

The initiative further involves Oil and Gas Denmark and the National Agency for Education and Quality who has kickstarted the initiative. All parties hope that we can repeat the initiative as the link between education, research and industry is important for the future.

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