RIS 2018 DHRTC Technology Conference

All 13 Radical Sprints reached the finishing line with new learnings

Wednesday 05 Dec 18


Kristine Wille Hilstrøm
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Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU
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End of November equals finalising the Radical Innovation Sprint 2018 projects and handing in the deliverables. Knowledge sharing between the researchers and advisors has been a key element during the process. Going forward the researchers will continue to raise awareness of their research towards the oil and gas industry.

Since 1 September, 13 radical ideas have been tested in order to see if the ideas could hold water. All projects reached the finishing line in due time and the researchers have handed in deliverables in the form of an article, slides for a presentation and an elevator pitch covering learnings and the potential of their results.

“All the researchers have worked hard to make some good deliveries at the end of the sprint period. It was especially interesting to see how small research teams formed around a project including seeking input from DHRTC Technology Maturation Advisors like myself,” says Simon Andersen, Advisor at Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre.

A Radical Innovation Sprint (RIS) is a one off funding, but the researchers come further than they ever dared to imagine during the three-month research.  

One of the researchers this year was Vittorio Boffa from Aalborg University, placed at AAU Chemistry and Bioscience in Aalborg. Like many other RIS researchers, he is new to the scene of Oil & Gas but highly qualified within research and idea generation.

"It was wonderful to get an industrial perspective on our research so early in the process."
Vittorio Boffa, Department of Chemistry and Bioscience at Aalborg University

“My fellow researchers and I enjoyed the interest from DHRTC Advisors in our idea from even before submission trough out the research phase. Geographically, there is distance between DHRTC in Lyngby to Aalborg but the advisors travelled to Aalborg for meetings in addition to skype meetings. It was wonderful to get an industrial perspective on our research so early in the process. It ensures you keep line of sight for application and saves a lot of time so you can concentrate on your research,” tells Vittorio Boffa.

Sharing learnings with the industry
11 December, Cejna Quist-Jensen, Assistant professor from Aalborg University will share her work a dispersed oil with participants from the industry at forum named Sustainable oil and gas production.

“The forum will be presented to a novel application of membrane filtration for the increasing amount of produced water and subsequently dispersed oil. Results from our Radical Innovation Sprint project show promising results although quite some research is still needed for my idea to reach the Oil & Gas Industry. However, with the good collaboration with several of the advisors from DHRTC Technology Maturation I feel confident at this point to introduce my idea to the participants in the forum,” says Cejna Quist-Jensen.

Cejna hopes that her idea can result in an invention that one day will be used on the platforms. She is part of the newly established Center for Membrane Technology at Aalborg University, which might hold several keys to unlocking the remaining potential of the Oil and Gas Industry.

Learn more about the Sustainable Oil and Gas Forum and sign up to hear Cejna talk.

Radical Innovation Sprint 2018 will close out on January 10th where a close out day will be held at DHRTC. Here the researchers will share their findings and learning among their fellow RIS researchers, DHRTC Programme Managers and Technology Maturation advisors. At the same time, the day marks the beginning of Radical Innovation Sprint 2019.


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