DHRTC Annual report 2018

Bringing results to use

Monday 29 Apr 19

Over the last months, a number of projects at Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre have achieved the aim of bringing technology innovations to a stage from where industry have the option to implement them. DHRTC Annual Report gives an overview of some of the main research results and activities in 2018 and points out the direction for 2019.

“It was a major accomplishment just to bring together the institutions within this framework. That is an innovation in our sector, and a first goal that the centre has fulfilled nicely,” says Troels Albrechtsen in one of the articles in the Annual Report. Troels is one of the founding fathers of the centre and now Vice President Copenhagen Offshore Product Line at Total.

Troels Albrechtsen highlights other accomplishments of Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre so far: “Also, the centre has successfully adapted the programmes in response to the challenging conditions brought about by the drop in oil price. There are already many good examples of specific deliverables such as the 4D Maintenance Project and the AlarmTracker.”

Going forward, Troels points out that there is an issue on how to bring the centre’s results to fruition.

“Through the engagement of Total E&P in Esbjerg, and the wider industry we shall build prototypes and bring innovations to bear on the implementation and use of specific deliverables,” tells Troels Albrechtsen and ends by saying; “In the longer term we should prepare for setting up a potential extension of DHRTC beyond the original 10 year frame.”

More results from 2018
DHRTC has so far received 409 proposals for research projects of which 151 have been approved. They are now part of 6 research programmes, that are all aiming at delivering research results and innovative technologies for the industry. Right now, the researcher at the five partner institutions and more than ten different collaborators are cooperating around 24 prototypes.

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