Summer School 2019

Kick-off for the DHRTC Summer School

Tuesday 13 Aug 19

On Monday, 12th August, a group of 28 excited students from worldwide institutions is looking forward to a week of learning about the role of subsurface sciences in energy transition. The summer school is taking place at DTU as the second summer school at DHRTC.

This year’s summer school has successfully started. The goal of the summer school is to provide the students with a deep understanding on selected areas in energy harvesting methods from the subsurface and their associated opportunities and challenges.

Guest lecturers from the oil and gas industry are presenting their different areas giving the students new knowledge related to the topic, which indicates the many aspects of the subsurface. This also shows the many opportunities when studying, amongst others, geology.

One of the participants, Odilla Vilhena from Heriot-Watt University states, “So far, the overall impression is good. The lecturers have been relevant and interesting”. She adds “It is great to have the opportunity to receive the knowledge from renowned professors of outstanding institutions. I want a more open mind in energy transition as I wish to work with this subject in the future, so until now it has been a distinctive experience”.

The summer school consists of lectures and a field trip to Stevns Klint. The field trip will allow the students to have a hands-on experience with chalk in order to obtain a deeper insight into the aspects of dynamic chalk and bryozoan limestone sedimentation and reservoir properties. There are two lectures and a research seminar given per day of the course. In two of the sessions, the students will present their ideas and receive valuable feedback from competent lecturers.

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Picture: Students from around the world are excited for a week of learning about the role of subsurface science in energy transition.

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