RI Jumpstart 2019

Radical Innovation – takes you a step further

Tuesday 15 Oct 19

Short radical innovation sprints have proven to be a source of many new perspectives and learnings. The DHRTC Radical Innovation team search for researchers who want to be part of a new sprint and strengthen the scope of an upcoming research programme on produced water. If that is you, then join one of the many workshops and find out how your knowledge may help the challenge of produced water handling.

DHRTC has launched the second radical innovative initiative called Radical Innovation Jumpstart. While DHRTC is progressing on scoping the coming research programme Produced Water, the Radical Innovation Team developed Jumpstart. The aim of Jumpstart is to find radical ideas within produced water and potentially strengthen the scope of the upcoming produced water programme.

Jumpstart have components of the Radical Innovation Sprint but a major difference is the ideation phase. In Jumpstart the ideation phase is aiming directly at nurturing cross collaboration between disciplines and institutions. No person or discipline is out of scope as with radical innovation the most obvious discipline might not be the one to solve the challenge.     

“During the ideation sessions we work to unlock creative ideas together with the many participants. They will be introduced to the produced water cycle and afterwards the Radical innovation Team will facilitate the ideation and stimulate cross-collaboration between disciplines as well as institutions,” says Kristine Wille Hilstrøm, Radical Innovation Entrepreneur at DHRTC.

Kristine underlines that: “We have seen that this cross collaboration often leads to radical ideas. The close out day in RIS is often a platform to establish cross collaboration like this. However, we want to encourage this as early as possible and provide the option to anyone who would like to engage in this challenge.”

The ideation session is a 3½ hour session during which researchers will engage with each other and potentially create radical ideas and collaborations for future work. The session is facilitated by the Radical Innovation Team who will take the researchers on an inspirational and creative journey within the theme of produced water. The ideas that spur out of these sessions does not have to be submitted. However to submit an idea one of the researcher behind an application have to attend an ideation session. There is a maximum of 12 seat per session.

“Seats are being booked fast. So you really shouldn’t hesitate to sign up no matter if you already have an idea or not.” tells Kristine Wille Hilstrøm.

The ideation sessions are starting on 21 October and to late November. Submission Deadline is 2 December 2019 and the research phase is February to April 2020.

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