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Towards zero harmful discharge

Friday 29 Nov 19

Call for Produced Water Project Proposals

You can submit proposals for the new Produced Water Program by filling out our ideation form .The proposals have to be submitted before 14th of January, 2020 to this email

DHRTC is starting up a new research program focusing on Produced Water with the vision of ‘zero harmful discharge’. Researchers from all over the country have been invited to participate in a kick-off workshop to identify the best ways of achieving the goal.

DHRTC conducts research to improve future production of oil and gas from the Danish North Sea through improved cost efficiency and reduced environmental impact. The new research program aims at reducing the environmental effects on the sea.

As the fields in the North Sea mature, the ratio of water produced together with the oil increases. Currently, a large part of this water is cleaned and discharged to the sea in accordance with the Danish regulations. The aim of the Produced Water Program is to find ways of improving the water cleaning to completely prevent discharge of harmful chemical compounds or develop alternatives to the discharge of produced water to the sea.

To frame the Produced Water Program, DUC operator Total has described the offshore water handling systems and the challenges associated with water processing. This input formed basis for a kick-off workshop with participants from all partners in the DHRTC network and is expected to lead to a lot of promising project proposals. The proposals for the research program will be selected early 2020 and research activities will commence shortly thereafter.

Produced water
Produced water is a by-product of the production of oil and gas from the mature Danish fields. In fact, approximately 5 times as much water than oil is produced. The water is separated from the oil in the process plant, cleaned and then discharged. There are strict limits for how much oil is allowed in the discharged water, but DHRTC aims to find ways to achieve zero harmful discharge.


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