Tech Conf 19

Is the solution to technology transfer simple?

Wednesday 06 Nov 19

The first day at this year’s DHRTC Technology Conference aimed at answering whether or not it is possible to improve the processes of technology transfer to increase value for all parties. The answers were many but they all came down to trust and collaboration.

There are a number of things that can put technology transfer at risk, which may be everything from the more obvious ones as time and resources to motivation, organisational set-up and IP rights. These obstacles are all things that can be taken care of by people and it is the same people who are the key to making technology transfer a success.

“Trust and collaboration between people from industry, academia and also third parties are essential to create the most value out of technology transfer,” ends Malene Rod Vest, programme director at DHRTC after having got some great input from Total, Ocean Team, Maersk Drilling, Aalborg University and MADE on how to apply research.

Malene adds that the challenges are co-owned by all involved and interested in doing research and applying results. She continues: “The path to a successful transfer has to be thought through from the very outset and jointly shared by both academia and industry. We must all dare to share and ask for help.”

DHRTC conducts research to improve future production of oil and gas from the Danish North Sea. The Centre's research seeks to increase sustainability through improved cost efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

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