From Idea to Implementation

Friday 04 Oct 19

The Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre is a crucible where the brightest minds in research and industry experience are mixed with industry data and specific industry problems to find research solutions applicable to the Danish North Sea. The goal is to increase the cost efficient oil and gas production and improve the environmental footprint of production operations. Join us at this year’s Technology Conference and contribute to the debate on technology transfer as well as having the opportunity to hear about over 20 potential solutions in the DHRTC pipeline and the chance to meet the staff, researchers and over 60 PhDs currently funded through the centre.

We have all got a hidden innovator within us. We certainly know what the problems that need to be solved are and we also have a good idea of what the solution should be. But why is it that even when we think we know the solution, the problem is not solved? Why are good ideas rarely implemented? The latter question is just one out of many questions that will be asked and addressed at this year’s Technology Conference. We invite you to join us on the long and often arduous journey from idea to implementation.

The first stages of this journey, ideation, innovation, research have been addressed in depth at previous technology conferences and so this year as many of the technologies in the DHRTC research portfolio near maturation we zoom in on the next step. Namely, how to transfer the knowledge gained through research to industry and an application in a world of daily operations, forecasts and budgets. What does it take to make a concept proven in a laboratory have an impact on the people employing it to solve specific technical problems? Whose responsibility is it to ensure good ideas get used? How much does it actually take for an idea to realize its full potential? And how does all of this help to foster a collaborative partnership between the worlds of academia and industry?

The two day Technology Conference will be held in Kolding on 5th and 6th November. The first day will begin the conversation on successful technology transfer and will culminate with 5 respected representatives from different professional spheres giving their unique perspectives and experiences on industry-academia collaborations and the failures and successes which they have encountered. Participants will be able to join the debate together with Jens Peter Thomsen, OceanTeam, Ole Hansen, Total, Michael Faber, Aalborg University, Nigel Edmondson, MADE, and Marika Reis from Maersk Drilling.

And if this was not enough to make attending the Technology Conference worthwhile then a number of speakers – Danish and international - will enlighten us with knowledge about creative collaboration and sustainability in oil and gas.

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