Certificate for Best Paper Award

DHRTC funded research wins Best Paper Award

Thursday 27 Aug 20

Researchers from Aalborg University have been awarded the Best Paper Award 2019 for their paper ‘Faith and Fakes – dealing with critical information in decision analysis’.

Researchers Linda Nielsen, Sebastian Tølbøll Glavind, Jianjun Qin and Michael H. Faber (DHRTC) can now call themselves winners of the Best Paper 2019 in the journal Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems. The award is given by the journal’s editors to the work that best meets the criteria of long-lasting value in the field of civil engineering and environmental systems.

The research behind the paper is part of the work programme Structural Integrity and Lifetime Evaluation at DHRTC.

“The paper addresses the relevant problem of how we make decisions when the information relied upon could be in error or even ‘fake news’. It shows how we can build a set of scenarios to span the range of decision trees needed, and then use value of information methods to identify ways to reduce overall uncertainty” Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems’ editors write about the winning paper, which can be read here.

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