DHRTC researcher to guest edit special issue of Energies journal

Tuesday 25 Aug 20

DHRTC’s own Dr. Ali Akbar Eftekhari and his colleague, Dr. Rouhi Farajzadeh have been invited to guest edit a special issue of the journal Energies – a peer-reviewed, open access journal published by MDPI. The issue will feature innovative research articles on how to improve energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of oil and gas recovery. It is now possible to submit articles to the issue.

A responsible use of oil and gas in the future
In the coming decades, valuable and declining oil and gas resources will continue to provide the driving force for a transition to a world with a larger share of sustainable energy. Even after a green transition, it is expected that responsible use of oil, as raw material and strategic energy resource, will play a vital role in a green society.

Production and processing of fossil fuels, however, is becoming more energy-intensive due to the declining conventional oil and gas resources. The increasingly stringent environmental regulations demand more efficient processes with lower environmental footprints, e.g. lower CO2 emission and hazardous species in the water discharge.

Recent developments in the energy-efficiency of upstream equipment combined with more-advanced methods of mobilizing oil and gas in the reservoir, a successful combination of environmentally beneficial measures such as CO2 storage and produced water reinjection in the reservoirs, and utilizing renewable energy in oil and gas production are among the responses of the academia and industry to these new challenges.

How to contribute
Having a collection of quantified demonstrations of recent activities regarding the increased efficiency and reduced environmental footprint of oil and gas production seems timely and essential. The guest editors would like to invite you to submit an article to this special issue and highlight how your recent work increases energy efficiency and reduces the hazardous emissions of oil and gas production.

Deadline for submitting manuscripts is 15 February 2021. Find more information on how to submit here.

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