GALLERY: Lower Cretaceous workshop in the field

Friday 06 Sep 19

On 27-28 August, a joint workshop took place, which included the research groups from the Lower Cretaceous work programme, working on reservoir characterization and quality, stratigraphy and rock mechanics.

The first day of the workshop included a full day of presentations that summed up the status of different ongoing projects within the work programme. It was clear that the day gave all researchers a good understanding on where new results have been concluded and how results can and should be connected across. According to the participants, it was a day filled with good and very constructive discussions. 


Day 2 of the workshop brought the researchers to Stevns Klint, where the field trip started with a beach walk from Rødvig to Boesdal inspecting through the Upper Maastrichtian chalk into the Danian carbonates. The walk along the cliff nicely showed the Danian bryozoan mounds and gave a very good example of how facies and reservoir quality could change laterally in such a setting. After lunch followed a quarry visit to look at fracture patterns and bedding regularity in the Maastrichtian.

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