Join the Webinar Week and learn more about oil and gas exploration

DHRTC Webinar Week

During week 47, DHRTC organised webinars on scientific research and technological innovation for oil and gas exploration. 

The webinars were hosted via Zoom. Read more about them and find the programme below.

Find the full programme for the Webinar Week here

18 November: Well Chemistry and Integrity

Based on Extended Service Life on Wells. 

The webinar introduced our Well Chemistry and Integrity research, where we work towards extending the life of production wells in a more sustainable and energy efficient way. 

19 November: Recovery

Based on Ekofisk and Tor Fm. Improved Recovery and Improved Recovery from the Tight Lower Cretaceous Reservoir. 

The webinar introduced DHRTC's recovery research, which is conducted at four levels: 1) A pre-development level, 2) A primary recovery level, 3) A secondary recovery level, and 4) A tertiary recovery level. Our researchers will give you a deeper understanding of the four levels and how these can improve oil and gas recovery.  

20 November: Well Technology

Based on Well Production and Technology and Extended Service Life on Wells. 

At the webinar, our researchers presented two important topics related to Well Technology: Self-healing cement and Extended Reach with Coiled Tubing.   

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