We Act on Your Ideas

You can read about the three sources ideas typically come from below, and how the Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Center acts on your ideas.

The aim of the Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Center (DHRTC) is to identify, develop and mature technologies that make it possible to increase the recovery of oil and gas from the North Sea.

We are therefore always open to ideas that can contribute to new, value-adding solutions in the Danish region of the North Sea. Your idea could fall within the existing work programmes, or could be aimed towards a brand new programme.

Ideas can arise from three sources (see figure below):

Strategy-driven: Ideas targeting known and already described issues. We are looking for ideas with particular focus on a specific area

Emerging: Unsolicited ideas for a new approach to known or unknown issues. The use of new or existing technology which may not previously have been used within the oil and gas industry. These ideas typically have great potential, but a high level of uncertainty and risk

Project-driven: These ideas typical derive from the results and lessons learned from existing projects. The ideas arise when technology challenges or new interdisciplinary opportunities are identified

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The process

There is a template under "Ideas" which you can use if you want to send us your idea.

Portfolio meetings are held quarterly in March, June, September and December in reference to the present processes.

To ensure that your idea is handled optimally, you will hear from us prior to the next scheduled meeting. You are of course welcome to send an idea anytime.
All ideas are treated confidentially, but the title of your proposal will be visible.

Do you have an idea or a proposal for a research project that can enhance the oil and gas recovery from the Northsea? Send us your proposal here.