From idea to prototype

Processes from idea to prototype

At DHRTC, we have a number of processes that set the framework for our work and help us ensure that our research creates the value we expect. Our purpose is to solve specific challenges in the Danish energy sector, which is why we have developed a process approach that strikes the right balance between research and application.

Push & pull: Idea generation at DHRTC

In general, DHRTC's research can be divided into two directions. The majority of our research originates as key challenges faced by operators in the Danish North Sea. We rank these challenges in close collaboration with industry to develop the highest potential ideas for increasing oil recovery, reducing operating costs and increasing sustainability and environmental stewardship. We also aim to push some carefully selected research back to industry, using Radical Innovation Sprints, where our researchers develop their own ideas in short, intense sprints.

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Portfolio perspective provides progress overview

Our portfolio perspective means that we can make a solid, continuous assessment of whether our research creates value and whether we have the right composition of programs that respond to a wide range of TotalEnergies' challenges in the Danish part of the North Sea. We evaluate the research programs on the same terms and create a transparent process that gives the researchers and DUC certainty that our research is sending us in the right direction. At the same time, the process approach gives us a tool to prioritize our resources where they produce the best results.

Ongoing evaluation of prototypes

One of the cornerstones of our approach is our quarterly evaluation of prototypes. Every third month we have a structured review of the various research programs and evaluate progress with respect to: knowledge environment , commercial potential, budget for the prototype and risks associated with the project. In this way, we ensure that the projects move according to plan and identify the obstacles that may stand in the way of progress. We are also looking at new project proposals and assessing their strategic business potential.

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You can download this form and submit it with your email when you send us your idea. All you have to do is attach it in your email and send it to