Commercial partners

DHRTC's industrial partners

When we see an opening in the value chain where there is potential for commercial collaboration, we involve companies and organisations that can contribute to the research process. We partner with a number of different types of companies that supply everything from software to custom designed production pipes.
In some cases, DHRTC's research can be applied directly in the field. In other cases, the process is more complicated in that the knowledge produced must have a different form before it can be applied and create improved oil and gas extraction. In these cases, a company can come in and e.g. building a physical product for a prototype or validating the scaling potential of a laboratory-level technology. In other words, a commercial collaboration can create value for both the company that develops a business area and DHRTC. 

Collaboration creates access

A collaboration with DHRTC creates access to a multidisciplinary network of knowledge and skills that is difficult to match. Our knowledge base is unique and we collaborate with leading researchers in a number of areas. At the same time, we can provide access to data and research facilities that open up great potential. We are experts in managing and operating complex projects across disciplines and in the span between research and application, and we have a deep understanding of the innovation process from idea to implementation.

Interested in collaborating?

If your company or organization sees opportunities in collaboration with DHRTC, you are very welcome to contact Anders Krag, Commercial Director.

You can get an overview of ongoing research projects and commercial collaborations here.


Anders Krag
Commercial Director
Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU
+45 51 35 20 34