About us

Together for improved oil and gas production

Networking is a key part of DHRTC's DNA. From the beginning we have been a networking organization with 5 partner universities, and every day we collaborate with global external partners from industry and academia. In this way, we create a unique knowledge base that is constantly evolving and looking for new ways to solve challenges of the future.

We look at our network as a neural network. It is not the number of actors that is decisive, but rather the cross-links between the various actors that create value. By providing a space for companies, operators and researchers to meet and develop their shared expertise, we generate new solutions together. We rethink the development processes and adapt our approach to the specific area of oil and gas production we are working on in the project in question.

Open Innovation

Our basic approach to collaboration follows the open innovation philosophy. We believe that the best research comes from an open process where many different parties have opportunity to contribute. Many of our projects are based on the challenges that TotalEnergies experiences as an operator in the Danish fields of the North Sea, but when the problem is described, there is ample opportunity to contribute to the solution. We involve the partners we need, whether it is foreign researchers or commercial partners who can supply material for a prototype. There are many paths into the process and openings along the entire project timeline, and we are constantly on the lookout for innovative input.