GEUS - Oil and Gas

GEUS is the key advisor for the Danish authorities in relation to oil and gas resources. GEUS also works closely with the oil industry on research and consultancy that can provide incentives for further investments in exploration and production.

In connection with licensing rounds in the North Sea, GEUS evaluates the submitted applications. Furthermore, GEUS markets an extensive series of geodata and offers industry data compilations.

The majority of Danish oil and gas resources are found in chalk fields in the Danish Central Graben in the North Sea.

For many years GEUS has been working to expand our knowledge about chalk reservoirs. This work includes the development of tools, analysing materials, performing laboratory experiments, interpreting data and building geological models to predict the distribution and the properties of the reservoirs.

GEUS has been involved in international activities, including large regional oil-geological compilations e.g. in the form of atlases, and GEUS is contributing to capacity building and expanding the research expertise in developing countries like Vietnam.

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