DHRTC's five core products

At DHRTC we have five basic core products that go back to all the research we produce. The five products are: DHRTC as R&D partner, tailor-made solutions, knowledge cloud, research facilities and talent development. The products reflect our unique strengths in innovation and industrial collaboration and provide a focused insight into the value we create with our research.

DHRTC as R&D partner

DHRTC supports ambitious and forward-looking energy companies who want to bring research and development fully into their business. We are the corporate R&D partner that helps to solve specific challenges and to explore the potential of new and more sustainable solutions. Our unique knowledge base and ability to translate it into usable solutions is a goldmine that a wide range of companies can benefit from.


Tailor-made solutions

DHRTC provides research and innovative solutions to specific challenges or opportunities in the industry. The center is involved in the whole process of creating the solution - from idea to prototype - and makes a greatdeal of working closely with the industry. In this way, idea generation, research and application meet in a fruitful interaction.



Knowledge Cloud

DHRTC is a network organization. Our network consists of hundreds of researchers, industrialists and experts with deep insights into the energy field. The network is international and embraces leading universities, organizations and companies, which means that we have a unique knowledge base gathered in our center. We use each other for information exchange, idea generation, development, sparring and quality assurance. We increase the value of our projects and contribute to adding extra dimensions to what we do.



Research facilities

For DHRTC, research facilities are an indispensable element in creating unique research and unique solutions. Our research facilities consist of machines and laboratories, which together form a professional foundation in the center. Since industrial applicability is a key part of the center's DNA, we make sure that the facilities are located where they provide the best value. That is why we have machines and test centers located both at the universities and at the locations where our solutions must be implemented.


Talent development

DHRTC takes pride in developing talents that can contribute to the energy transition of the future. The graduates and PhDs from DHRTC have a solid academic ballast, a valuable international network, industry knowledge and a working method that makes it natural to link research and industry. In addition, our talents are used to work process- and application-oriented, which allows them to enter into industrial relationships with a professional and innovative mindset.