Advisory Boards

The Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre is supported by three advisory boards, the Steering Committee, the Technology Application Workgroup, and the Scientific Committee.

The Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre (DHRTC) is supported by three advisory boards. The boards serve an advisory role, and together provide the basis for strong collaboration among the partners in DHRTC.

Each of the three committees has their own unique focus areas.

Steering Committee
The Steering Committee follows the general strategy and development of the centre. This committee comprises representatives from the Danish Underground Consortium (DUC) and DTU, who discuss the centre’s strategy and work together to ensure that the allocated funding is utilized in accordance with the overarching purposes of the centre.

Technology Application Workgroup
All research projects at the centre are to be targeted at increasing oil and gas recovery in the Danish region of the North Sea. The projects must therefore feature a clearly formulated strategy for transferring technology and knowledge to the industry. It is in this area that the Technology Application Workgroup is to provide advice. The group comprises representatives of the DUC partners, other technical experts and the centre management.

Scientific Committee
The Scientific Committee is made up of representatives from the participating universities and research institutions, and its role is to advise the centre management. Based on the research environments at the participating institutions, the committee can make recommendations for how the research environment can contribute to achieving the centre's goals.

Read the Scientific Committee's view of the centre’s accomplishments so far and what impact it has had on the partner institutions right here.


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