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Abandonment of Offshore Oil and Gas Fields

In 2020, DHRTC is starting up a new research programme on abandonment. The abandonment programme is focusing on the challenges in the Danish North Sea with a vision of; ‘robust and cost effective abandonment for short and long term environmental protection’.

Due to the mature age of the fields in the Danish North Sea, abandonment is becoming increasingly relevant. The number of fields and wells, which have to be abandoned in the coming years, is substantial, and the cost associated with the abandonment work will significantly affect not just the Oil and Gas operators but also the Danish society. Additionally, the actual abandonment work may affect the environment both during the abandonment operation, with potential disturbance to marine life and CO2 emissions, but also in the long run if the abandonment materials deteriorate over time.

In order to deliver on the vision the programme scope has been divided into three areas; Well Abandonment, Environmental Impact and Late Life Production.

Due to the Corona situation the project proposal process has been delayed, however, two ideation sessions, on April 29th and 30th, has now kicked off the call for project proposals within the abandonment scope.

Call for project proposals

DHRTC is calling for project proposals for the Abandonment Programme

Submission deadline: July 1st 2020

For questions please email clarsen@dtu.dk

Project Proposals to be send to:
Clarsen@dtu.dk and DHRTC-Ideas@dtu.dk

Proposal Submission Form
Programme Scope Slides


Charlotte Nørgaard Larsen
Programme Manager
Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU
+45 93 51 15 36
1 JUNE 2020