Radical Innovation Jumpstart

A new research programme on produced water is being launched at the Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre. As a radical add-on to the programme the Radical Innovation team have developed the concept of Radical Innovation Jumpstart. We want you to take part in this research-based creativity boost. 

With Radical Innovation you never know which skills are needed and where you will end up. This is why it is important to remember that no person or research discipline is out of scope! Our aim is to engage with everybody regardless of experience, research field and geographical location.


There are many similarities between Radical Innovation Jumpstart and Radical Innovation Sprint. However there are also a few differences. The major being the ideations sessions where the Radical Innovation team will seek to unlock researchers creativity and cross collaboration while aiding ideation. As a prerequisite to apply at least one behind the submitted idea has to have participated in an ideation session. The ideation sessions will be held during October and November.


Submission deadline is 2 December at midnight.


Similarities of Radical Innovation Jumpstart:

  • You submit your idea by completing the application form and sending it via e-mail.
  • Specialists from DHRTC can help you mature your idea prior to submission of your application
  • You do NOT have to be a researcher from one of the partner institutions to participate in the ideation session and apply for funding.
  • The applications will be evaluated in anonymised form by a committee known only to the Radical Innovation Team.

Differences in Radical Innovation Jumpstart:

  • The funded research sprint MUST be conducted between 1 February to 30 April 2020
  • Your idea has to have a line of sight to application somewhere in the (produced) water cycle in the Danish oil and gas industry in the North Sea
  • To apply at least one of the applicants behind an idea have to have participated in an ideation session
  • The idea and team behind the idea can but does not have to be an outcome from a session


RI Jumpstart 


Ideation sessions

The ideation sessions have been scheduled as below. The duration of a session is 3½hrs. The exact time will vary slightly to accommodate attendees to travel to and from the session in one day. Some sessions are already fixed. However others are potential and will be fixed once:

  • At least 4 participants have signed up
  • Participants are from more than one DHRTC organization
  • Participants are from more than one discipline

What and Where



FIXED Ideation Day Esbjerg


October 21st

Few seats left

POTENTIAL Ideation day -Jutland

October 22nd

Open - Ask your LFP

FIXED Ideation day DHRTC


October 25th


FIXED Ideation day



November 1st


POTENTIAL Ideation day –Zealand

November 7th

Open - Ask your LFP

FIXED Ideation day



November 13th

Few seats left

POTENTIAL Ideation day Jutland or Zealand

November 14th

Open - Ask your LFP

FIXED Ideation day DHRTC


November 19th


Submission deadline

December 2nd

To sign up please contact Kristine Wille Hilstrøm via mail or phone +45 30701933. If you have questions you are welcome to contact anyone in the Radical Innovation Team or your local LFP.


We strongly urge you to participate in ideation sessions at another location than your own institution. If you are a researcher from a DHRTC network institution contact your local focal point beforehand to potentially cover travel expenses.


20 OCTOBER 2019