Master- og Bachelorprojekter


  • Milad Mohammadi (February 2020). Modelling and optimization of a stimulation treatment in a Danish North Sea field. 



  • Henning Becker (September 2019). Mechanistic Models for the Modified Salinity Water Flooding. MSc theis
  • Yemily Luciana (April 2019). Modelling of Waterflooding in Fractured Chalk Reservoirs. MSc thesis



  • Shaabanullah S. Paiwand (2018). Trykbølgeudbredelse i et lukket system. Final project, bachelor of engineering, mechanical engineering, prof.bach. Aarhus University and DHRTC

  • Ariel Williams (2018). Evaluation of mechanism modelling: Modified salinity waterflooding in carbonates.
    MSc thesis



  • Carsten Albrechtsen (2017). High-resolution near-surface reflection seismic imaging using an electrodynamic vibrator system (P and S-waves) of two sections in Rørdal Chalk Quarry in Aalborg, Denmark. MSc thesis
    Supervisor: Lars Nielsen, IGN
  • Kasper H. Blinkenberg (2017). Multi-scale variability and diagenesis of silica in Danian chalk, Dalbyover Quarry, North-eastern Jutland. MSc thesis.
    Supervisor: Lars Stemmerik, SNM
  • Jonas Bækgaard (2017). Processing and analysis of shallow vibroseismics - A regional study of the Stevns Peninsula. MSc thesis
    Supervisor: Lars Nielsen, IGN
  • Frederik Foldager and Anders Andersen (2017). Modeling of Soil-Structure Interaction with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics. MSc thesis.
    Aarhus University Department of Engineering - Machine Design and DHRTC
  • Andreas Proschowsky and Kristoffer Vandrup Sigsgaard (2017). Development of maintenance architectures at Maersk Oil. MSc thesis.
    DHRTC and DTU Mek
  • Peter Bjerrum and Peter Rafn (2017). Data-driven Modular Optimization of Well Maintenance at Maersk Oil.
    MSc thesis.
    DHRTC and DTU Mek
  • Charlotte L. Andersen and Ida S. Milthers (2017). Preliminary evaluation of the effectiveness of using artificial reefs to reduce breaking wave impact on offshore structures. MSc thesis.
    Aarhus University, Civil and Architectural Engineering (supervisor: Christos T. Georgakis)
  • Abhijeet Yadav (2017). Characterization of scales from Dan and Gorm. MSc thesis.
    DHRTC and DTU Mechanical Engineering
  • Stefano Tagliaferri (2017). Surface Phenomena Under Smart Waterflooding. MSc thesis.
    DHRTC and DTU Chemical Engineering



  • Hugo Amor (2016). Predictive workover and maintenance model for the Dan field. MSc thesis.
  • Kasper Torbensen (2016). Predictive workover & maintenance model. MSc thesis.
  • Marcin Wlodarczyk (2016). Comparing different well completions on the performance of water flooding in chalk reservoirs. MSc thesis.
  • Michael K. Hansen (2016). Proactive Well Workover Maintenance Model. BSc