Peer Reviewed Publications

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  • Yuan, H., M. Looms, M. Montazeri, and L. Nielsen, 2018
    Diffraction imaging of GPR data: Geophysics
  • Nourani, M; Meyer, AG; Lorentzen, HJ; Sigalas, L; Taheriotaghsara, M; Olsen, D; Stemmerik, L
    Determination of overburden permeability in North Sea Chalk
    Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering
  • Meyer, AG; Stemmerik, L; Frykman, P; Buls, T; Nourani, M. 
    Chalk microporous network characterization using automated image analysis 
    Journal of Marine and Petroleum Geology
  • Lauridsen, B.W; Edvardsen, T; Blinkenberg, K. H; Stemmerik, L. (2018)
    Paleoecology and surviving strategies of a mid-Danian deeper water chalk community 
    Palaeo3 conditionally accepted
  • Aabø, T.M; Dramsch, J.S; Wurtzen, C.L; Seyum, S; Amour, F.; M.J Welch
    An Integrated Approach to Fracture Characterization of the Kraka Field
    Journal of Marine and Petroleum Geology.
  • Meyer, AG 
    Measuring simplified pore throat angularity via automated mathematical morphology
    Accepted by SPE Journal
  • Adriana Paluszny, Saeed Salimzadeh, and Robert W. Zimmerman
    Chapter 1: Finite-Element Modeling of the Growth and Interaction of Hydraulic Fractures in Poroelastic Rock Formations
    in the book Hydraulic Fracture Modeling by Yu-Shu Wu, 2018
  • Xiaoyan Liu, Karen L. Feilberg, Wei Yan, Erling H. Stenby, and Esben Thormann. Interactions between Apolar, Basic and Acidic Model Oils and Calcite Surface.

  • Yun Bai, Hong Sui, Xiaoyan Liu, Lin He, Xingang Li, Esben Thormann. Effects of the N, O, and S heteroatoms on the adsorption and desorption of asphaltenes on silica: A molecular dynamics simulation. Submitted 2018.

  • Mihrin, Dmytro; Feilberg, Karen; Andersen, Jonas; Larsen, René. Quantification of hydrogen-bonding in dimethyl ether based solvent EOR. In preparation, Energy and Fuels, 2018.

  • Mihrin, Dmytro; Feilberg, Karen; Larsen, René. Cryogenic matrix isolation study of structure and intermolecular interaction of ethylene glycol dimer and ethylene glycol – water complexes. In preparation, 2018

  • Mihrin, Dmytro; Feilberg, Karen; Andersen, Jonas; Larsen, René. Quantification of hydrogen-bonding in dimethyl ether based solvent EOR. In preparation, Energy and Fuels, 2018

  • Li, Ming; Mihrin, Dmytro; Sundberg, Jonas, Feilberg, Karen. Preparation of a Novel Material and Application of Analysis of Aromatics (asphaltenes) in Petroleum. In preparation 2018.

  • Samira Mohammadkhani, Hamidreza Shahverdi, Karen Louise Feilberg, Mohsen Nasr Esfahany. Interfacial Tension Measurements of Bicarbonate solutions and Danish North Sea Crude Oil for Enhanced Oil Recovery Purpose. Submitted 2018.

  • Mojtaba Seyyedi, Stefano Tagliaferri, Jimmie Abatzis, Sidsel Marie Nielsen. An integrated experimental approach to quantify the oil recovery potential of seawater and low-salinity seawater injection in North Sea chalk oil reservoirs. Published in FUEL

  • Mihrin, Dmytro; Andersen, Jonas; Jakobsen, Peter; Larsen, René. Highly Localized H2O Librational Motion as a Far-Infrared Spectroscopic Probe for Microsolvation of Organic Molecules. Manuscript ID: jz-2018-02849r, JCPL

  • Mihrin, Dmytro; Larsen, René. THz Spectroscopy of Weakly Bound Cluster Molecules in Solid para-Hydrogen: A Sensitive Probe of van der Waals Interactions. Manuscript ID: CP-ART-08-2018-005060, PCCP



  • Smit, Florian & S.P. Van Buchem, Frans & Holst, Jesper & Lüthje, Mikael & Anderskouv, K & A.J. Buijs, Govert & Welch, Michael & Stemmerik, Lars.
    Basinal Fluid Flow Through the Chalk Group in the Southern Danish Central Graben as Seen on 3D Seismic Data – Ancient Examples of Large Scale Fluid Seepages.
  • S. Pedersen, P. Durdevic, and Z. Yang
    Challenges in Slug Modeling and Control for Offshore Oil and Gas Productions: A Review Study
    International Journal of Multiphase Flow
  • S.C. Okoro, F. Niessen, M. Villa, D. Apel, M. Montgomery, F.J. Frandsen, K. Pantleon
    Complementary methods for characterization of corrosion products on a plant exposed superheater tube
    Metallogr. Microstruct. Anal. 6 (2017) 22–35
  • Kabel, Thomas, Katsanos, Evangelos, and Georgakis, Christos Thomas. “Experimental Facilities for Offshore Engineering”. (2017).
  • Xiaoyan Liu, Karen L. Feilberg, Wei Yan, Erling H. Stenby, and Esben Thormann. Electrical Double-Layer and Ion Bridging Forces between Symmetric and Asymmetric Charged Surfaces in the Presence of Mono- and Divalent Ions.

    LANGMUIR 33, (April 2017): 4426−4434.


  • Frank Niessen,Matteo Villa, Daniel Apel, Olaf Keßler, Michael Reich, John Hald and Marcel A. J. Somers
    In Situ Techniques for the Investigation of the Kinetics of Austenitization of Supermartensitic Stainless Steel
    Materials Science Forum
  • Muhammad Imran, Hamidreza M. Nick, Ruud J. Schotting
    Application of infrared thermography for temperature distributions in fluid-saturated porous media
    Arabian Journal of Geosciences
  • K.L. Jepsen, L. Hansen, C. Mai and Z. Yang
    Challenges of membrane filtration for produced water treatment in offshore oil & gas production
    IEEE Explore Database
  • Skafte, Anders ; Aenlle, Manuel L. ; Brincker, Rune
    A general procedure for estimating dynamic displacements using strain measurements and operational modal analysis
    Smart Materials and Structures

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