Cost Transformation 1

Operations and Maintenance Technology (CTR1)

The objective of this programme is to develop a Water Management Plan that addresses both operational performance and process development/design aspects related to facilities.

Optimization of the Water Injection (WI) systems for Dan and Halfdan has been identified to have a potential of increasing recovery. The produced water treatment (PWT) system will be addressed in the same way in this Work Stream to prevent bottlenecks from increased water cut.

For more information see 2017 annual report.

DHRTC Hypothesis

The hypothesis is that Big Data analytics combined with functional and physical modelling can prevent the decline over time in WI regularity and capacity. This decline has occurred historically following engineering upgrade projects and maintenance activities.

The overall challenge is to optimize the relationship between maintenance personnel/plant operators and systems with a view to improving safety, efficiency and well-being.

The project is subdivided into 4 main work packages:

Expected Key Deliverables at TRL 3

  • MFM developed to provide online decision support for WI system.
  • Validation and verification of MFM model and application on the AAU-E pilot plant.
  • Fault detection and pattern recognition (Big Data) for Dan WI installations.
  • Optimization and control of filtration for WI system.
  • Counter action plan and failure prediction through MFM


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Technology Readiness Level

The Technology Readiness Level (TRL) scale is used to measure the maturity of a project. All technologies are evaluated on the same basis of Comparison, which provides a better overall picture. The first step on the scale is research still in the idea phase while step 7 is where the idea has matured into applicable technology.

Read more about how we use the TRL scale at DHRTC here

Water Management

Morten Lind
Professor Morten Lind at Electrical Engineering, DTU talks about his focus on information technology for advanced control systems and how that is done in DHRTC's research.
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23 MARCH 2019