Tala Marie Aabø

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Sunday 11 Jun 17

A strong programme is lined up for the EAGE Conference in Paris this week and Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre presents new knowledge on fracture characterization. Research assistant, Tala Aabø, presents and guides you through the conference on our DHRTC Instagram.

It is the 79th time that the EAGE Conference opens its doors to researchers and industry working with geoscience and engineering. When the conference is launched this year in Paris, some of the new research presented is from Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre (DHRTC).

Research Assistant, Tala Aabø, will present “Correlation of Fractures from Core, Borehole Images and Seismic Data in a Danish North Sea Reservoir” at the session on Fractured and Faulted Reservoirs - Outcrops and Case Studies on Wednesday. However, she will not just let the participants in on the research carried out at DHRTC; she will also guide you through the conference seen from her point of view via Instagram.

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23 JUNE 2018