Teaching geophysics

Students get hands-on experience with seismology

Friday 27 Oct 17
Students from all over Denmark are gathered at Astra in Sorø, Denmark, to learn more about geophysics. Janina Kammann, PhD student at University of Copenhagen and Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre (DHRTC), taught them about reflection seismology.

The rooms at Astra hum with activity from the many students from upper secondary schools across Denmark. It is time for a three-day camp focusing on geophysics. The first day, the students go on fieldwork at Stevns Klint doing refraction seismic survey at the top of the cliff and measuring gravitation.

Back in Sorø in the Astra building, the students are introduced to various geophysical disciplines. Janina Kammann, PhD student at University of Copenhagen and DHRTC demonstrates how reflection seismology works.

“During the teaching I introduced the pupils to the principles of imaging the subsurface with reflection seismology. We talked about the effects petrophysical properties have on the seismic image and what causes reflections of the waves,” tells Janina Kammann and continues:

“In an exercise using basic math the pupils learned how to use seismic ray theory to understand wave propagation in a simple one-layer model. We looked at different types of acquisition techniques, onshore and offshore, and their many applications in science and industries like the oil industry.”

The students very well received Janina’s lesson. While getting hands-on experience, they also learned more about how researchers work.  

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