Stuart L. Bronson

Get smarter on how we can adapt to a changing environment

Thursday 23 Nov 17
Those most likely to survive are not the strongest or the smartest, but those who are best at adapting. In his talk Stuart Leigh Bronson, Head of Procurement and Supply Chain from Maersk Oil challenges you to think about how adaptable you are and what you are willing to do to adapt when the environment changes.

The conditions in the oil industry is changing as the last few years so clearly has shown. In order to survive, the oil and gas industry must be willing and able to adapt to the changing environment. In his talk Stuart Leigh Bronson, Head of Procurement and Supply Chain from Maersk Oil gives his take on how we can fuel creativity and create awareness to try and secure the future of the oil industry.

See his talk: “Oil & Gas evolution – how quickly can we adapt to the changing environment?” right here.

Stuart Bronson Presentation

Top Picture: Brian Nonbo

Stuart Leigh Bronson

When a business is not living up to its true potential, it is not uncommon for the accumulation of many small problems to end up killing the company. Stuart's great passion is turning around businesses that are not being as great as they can be.

Stuart helps businesses, so far including oil and gas, property, seafood and entertainment companies, to identify the right way forward, and most importantly, deliver the necessary changes to be successful again. “I know that no single approach is the right one for every business and situation, and so I draw on what other industries have done before, and look to see how we can learn from them,” says Stuart.

Stuart has an educational background as an economist (MSc UCL London, and BSc London School of Economics), and Chartered Accountant. Further, he has a background in M&A, and a track record of delivering business turnarounds in various industries; including with Maersk Oil since 2011.

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