Radical Innovation Sprint 2018

Do you dare to go beyond?

Tuesday 06 Feb 18
A radical Innovation Sprint might feel as a free fall but DHRTC will be sure to catch you. Once again, DHRTC will call for Radical Innovation Ideas that have application potential in the Danish part of the North Sea.

Now is the time to find all the crazy and wild ideas you have in your drawer or in the back of your head. Bring out even the ones that did not specifically aim for application in the oil and gas industry. The best ideas are usually the ones that seem to have the least potential at first glance.

"During this spring, we will put a great deal of effort into the ideation phase."
Kristine Wille Hillstrøm

“There are three groups of researchers we hope to engage with. We are confident that there are people holding knowledge we did not know we needed. We also know that there are many researchers in what we consider more traditional oil and gas disciplines who have never worked with oil and gas related challenges. Finally, we are certain that researchers already known to us have the potential to submit truly game-changing ideas,” Lars Simonsen R&D Director

Everybody can participate in the Radical Innovation Sprint.

Radical ideas are usually rough diamonds and if you work them right you might end up with something of high value. With radical innovative ideas, the risk is high and the likelihood of success is small. But if you take your time to pursue the idea you might be pleasantly surprised.

The Radical Innovation Team will be glad to assist you in finding the application potential and present you to some of the challenges of the industry. This year the DHRTC Radical Innovation Team is expanded and the aim is to push the boundaries even further out and at the same time expand the network and collaboration across the partner institutions and even beyond.

Last year’s results strengthen this year’s support to you

Last year DHRTC was successful in getting 53 applicants to be brave enough to submit a Radical Idea. 13 of these were funded and had a tremendous research journey in the fall of 2017. Moreover, three ideas are currently in a patent process.

“The high level of creativity and radical thinking among the participants last year were impressive. In our experience, combining the many wild ideas with knowledge of oil and gas leads to interesting proposals and we hope to be able to reach number of talented researchers in all kind of research areas. Therefore, during this spring, we will put a great deal of effort into the ideation phase,” tells Kristine Wille Hilstrøm.

In the coming weeks, it is possible to meet the Radical Innovation Team across the country to debate and get feedback on a potential radical idea. The Ideation Workshops are open to all.

The deadline is 1 May 2018. The funded sprint projects will perform their research from 1 September to 30 November 2018.

You can find the ideation road trip schedule, submission form, find contacts and much more here.

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