Programme out for workshop on Modified Salinity Water Flooding

Monday 05 Feb 18
A unique group of speakers from all over the world is gathered at the DHRTC workshop on Modified Salinity Water Flooding. They will give an insight into the most recent development in the field.

Since the first experimental observations of the increased oil recovery in the so-called low salinity water-flooding, many researchers have been trying to understand the underlying mechanisms and the necessary conditions for the successful implementation of this low-cost oil recovery method.

“Advanced water flooding is one of the important research areas for DHRTC. At the workshop, about ten well-known speakers with many years of experience in different aspects of modified salinity water flooding will share their latest findings,” says Ali A. Eftekhari, Postdoc at DHRTC and responsible for the workshop.

The speakers are Matthew Jackson (Imperial College London),Aksel Hiorth (IRIS/University of Stavanger), Hassan Mahani (Shell), Reidar Inge Korsnes and Mona Wetrhus Minde (University of Stavanger), Maxim Yutkin(KAUST), Skule Strand and Tina Puntervold (University of Stavanger), Jules Reed (Lloyd's Register), and Mojdeh Delshad (University of Texas at Austin/Ultimate EOR Services).

“The workshop it is not only about listening; we would like to invite researchers to share their view on e.g. the identification and mathematical modeling of the modified-brine water-flooding mechanisms at small and large scales,” tells Ali A. Eftekhari.

The workshop will take place on 15 June right after the 80th EAGE Conference & Exhibition in Copenhagen and is open to all interested parties. Read more about all the speakers and the programme.

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