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Tuesday 04 Sep 18

Florian W.H. Smit will be defending his PhD dissertation “Integrated seismic geomorphological analysis of syn- and post-depositional fluid migration features in the Chalk Group of the Danish North Sea” on Monday 10 September.

In a 45-minute presentation Florian W.H. Smit will provide a thorough overview of the main research findings, its implications, and applications for our stakeholders (Danish Underground Consortium). This will be followed by questions of the assessment committee comprising chairman Lars Nielsen (KU), Peter Frykman (GEUS), and Henry Posamentier who is the ‘founding father’ of seismic geomorphology, self-employed.

The research aimed at providing geological interpretation of seismic features (reflector geometries) within the hydrocarbon-bearing Chalk Group in the Danish North Sea, which potentially influence reservoir quality of producing reservoirs. The integrated seismic geomorphological approach, which treats seismic data as a stack of buried landscapes/seascapes and visualizes the subsurface in Google Earth-style images, prepares for integration both in terms of disciplines (geology, geophysics, and geochemistry) and scales (seismic to nano scale).

Several important new heterogeneities have been identified and interpreted geologically, and include (giant and mega) pockmarks, seep carbonates, and seismic-scale diagenesis that could be linked to source rock maturity basin models. Recognition of these features not only provides important insights to the fluid migration history within the basin, their occurrence within producing fields has shown to influence sweep efficiency. There is thus great application potential for improving static reservoir models, and for better well planning.

In summary, this study has led to an updated seismic chalk paradigm that provides geological models for seismic features, predicts spatial and temporal distribution within the basin, and provides important applications for our stakeholders.

If you want to take part in the PhD dissertation, it will take place at DTU in Building 208/Auditorium 053 and begins at 13.30 o'clock. Get to the place.

Find a copy of thesis here.


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