Yue Guan

How to increase the reliability of wells through Probabilistic Modelling

Tuesday 06 Nov 18

The core of Yue Guan’s research is development of Probabilistic Modelling for the Performance of Sub-surface Wells. The main focus of his project is directed on the development of probabilistic models for performance assessment of sub-surface wells and relevant components with respect to operational damages and failure over their life span.

Yue Guan’s interest in deep water oil and gas transportation has sent him from China to Scotland and from Scotland to Aalborg University, Denmark; during this journey his interest has developed towards his current project and PhD: “Probabilistic Modelling for the Performance of Sub-surface Wells”.

Some of the key challenges that Yue has faced during his research revolves around the complicated processes of corrosion and scaling. A further identified complication is the “inherent uncertain characteristics of the deterioration factors” – together these complications challenges the probabilistic analyses and the demands that follows.

Meet the Researcher

Yue Guan will be attending the DHRTC Technology Conference where he will present his PhD project: “Research on Probabilistic Modelling for Scaling of Sub-Surface Wells” – as a part of the Enhanced Well Chemistry and Integrity (CTR 2) programme.

Learn more about Yue and his PhD project, including how he intend to address the identified challenges, in the following interview.

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