Modified Salinity Water Flooding Workshop

Modified Salinity Water Flooding Workshop - status quo and future challenges

Thursday 28 Jun 18

On 15 June, more than 60 researchers participated in DHRTC’s Modified Salinity Water Flooding Workshop at DTU to discuss this attractive oil recovery method. Academia and industry researchers came together and discussed the status quo and future challenges of modified salinity water flooding and their research.

At the Modified Salinity Water Flooding Workshop more than 60 participants engaged in lively debates with the 9 speakers from both industry and academia. Both current research and the future challenges within the area were in focus. Amongst the day’s topics were both general tendencies and challenges in the laboratories and more elaboration on specific research projects.

Modified salinity water flooding is relatively cheap, as it does not need expensive infrastructure. The major problem is that although it is successfully tested in the lab, pilot, and field trials, its mechanism is still unknown. Understanding the mechanism is necessary for scaling up the bench-scale lab data to the North Sea reservoirs.

Reconnecting with the field

Both industry and academic researchers participated with the common ground of modified salinity water flooding as a pull factor. “I came here today because I am actively working on this subject. Also I wanted to engage and reconnect with the field and community. So far, the topics have been interesting and challenging, but I would like even more time for discussions as that provides the basis for new research,” says speaker Dr. Hassan Mahani from Shell.

Variety of topics

The aim was to invite a diverse group of researchers who have studied different suggested mechanisms for the modified salinity water flooding. This diversity resulted in the 9 speakers interpreting the subject Modified Salinity Water Flooding in many different ways such as: why models are important and can support decisions, which difficulties are common in the labs, how the understanding of this research area has changed over time and the exchange of experiences.

Insight to the active research

“The aim of the workshop was to have an overview of the ongoing research from the active research groups and to find new ideas for our future activities in the centre. We also planned to extend our collaborations with other researchers,” says researcher Ali Akbar Eftekhari, Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre.

“Today, has been a great summary and a good recap on what my colleagues are working on, which is always great,” adds Dr. Hassan Mahani.

“We will most certainly do it again, if we can attract a group of high quality speakers again,” ends researcher Ali Akbar Eftekhari.

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23 MARCH 2019