Successful open house at DHRTC

Wednesday 25 Apr 18

DHRTC invited partners and other interested parties to come and visit the newly established laboratories including the donated equipment from Maersk Oil and Gas, Qatar.

The laboratories in building 375 opened in January 2017. The first year of its lifetime has been busy in order to fully equip them, develop an environmental and safety work culture at a high level and introducing the Electronic notebook system, LabGuru. Now, one year later, Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre (DHRTC) invited all interested parties to see the labs and encourage to collaborate even more.

During the open house the participants got the opportunity to ask the researchers questions during the lab tours and network with participants across universities, while getting a close look at the newly acquired equipment. The open house created an opportunity for DHRTC to showcase the research and the level of collaboration that takes place in DHRTC’s labs in building 375.

“The open house went very well and it was an amazing day with a very good atmosphere. It was very nice to see so many people with such a great interest for our equipment and capabilities. We had a fruitful dialogue about both the work we do here in building 375 and potential points of cooperation” says Karin Petersen, lab manager.

The equipment took center stage

Especially some of the new equipment, the SEM and the CT scanners, from Maersk Oil Qatar was of great interest. The equipment caused a great deal of enthusiasm from both participants and researchers, who saw many possibilities for future collaboration in it.

The same enthusiasm was also present when some of the participants evaluated on the open house.

“It was a very good and interesting day. I know DHRTC quite well so all of my high expectations have been met today. I took part in getting the equipment from Maersk Oil, Qatar to DHRTC, so it was very nice to see the equipment finally here and impressive that it’s now pretty much dessert dust-free” says Thomas Blume head of Total’s Copenhagen laboratory.

“It was a really nice day and it was especially nice to see the equipment available to the DHRTC and how it was currently set up” says Petter Lomsøy, PhD fellow.

“The labs are important because they contribute with new and more equipment, which will strengthen and therefore contribute to increase the likelihood that we will find new applicable solutions. Moreover the labs can hopefully contribute to strengthen building 375 as a meeting place for the network. I hope that we will take advantage of this possibility to expand network and share knowledge” says Bo Cerup-Simonsen, centre director at DHRTC.

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