Join DHRTC researcher Michael Welch at the annual EAGE conference

Friday 04 May 18

When the 80th annual EAGE Conference is taking place in June this year, The Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre will be strongly represented by multiple researchers. One of them is researcher Michael Welch, who among other things will be giving a talk in the session titled Naturally Fractured and Tight Reservoirs. Read more about what you can look forward to here.

The annual EAGE (European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers) conference is coming to Copenhagen this summer. From June 11 – 14th participants are welcomed into the Bella Center, where you will be able to explore exhibitions and join sessions where researchers will present their latest developments in the field of geophysics, geology, and petroleum engineering. 

DHRTC’s own Michael Welch will be presenting some of his research under the title Controls on Fracture Density and Size: Insights from Dynamic Modelling. The research is highly innovative and focuses on discrete fracture network (DFN) models and the development of a new technique to generate realistic DFN models. Done by dynamically simulating the propagation of fractures with models that use the equations of motion and conserve mass and momentum.

“We will use the models to show how the geomechanical properties and stress history control the density, size and geometry of fractures”, tells Michael. The talk will take place on Thursday June 14 at 8.30am in room G. Later that day Michael will also be co-chairing a dedicated session on Fracture Characterisation in Chalk along with fellow DHRTC researcher Mikael Luthje, where participants will learn about ways to characterize and model fractures in chalk outcrops and reservoirs. This session will begin at 1.30pm in room G.


If you are interested in meeting more DHRTC researchers, find us at booth number 1575 at Bella Centret.

You can sign up for the conference here and learn more about the EAGE conference here.


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