DHRTC annual report 2017

The key to success is collaboration

Wednesday 25 Apr 18
A platform for innovation, research and development that is Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre. After three years, by means of close collaboration, the centre has reached its first goal and now collaboration will bring the research results to the next level; application of research. The DHRTC Annual Report 2017 gives an overview of 2017 and sets the direction for 2018.

“One of the visions for Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre (DHRTC) is to promote collaboration between interdisciplinary research on an international level and the business community,” says Henrik Tirsgaard, Head of Technology and Innovation at MÆRSK OIL AND GAS A/S a Company of TOTAL, in the DHRTC Annual Report 2017, and continues:

“Today we know that DHRTC has succeeded in becoming the platform it strives to be. Here highly qualified researchers and academics meet various parts of industry to discuss and find solutions to some of the fundamental challenges we face today in The Danish North Sea.”

Collaboration is also the bridge to success in Provost of the Technical University of Denmark, Rasmus Larsen’s point of view as he explains in the report:

“The university-industry collaboration conducted in the DHRTC with the ambitious goals of achieving commercially viable solutions in a short time frame is directly in line with the DTU mission of benefitting society based on the natural and technical sciences. It requires that the scientists take upon them the difficult choice between more or less promising paths taking into account both uncertainty and potential, and that they are given room to create radical new solutions in place of incremental development.”

In the entire DHRTC partnership, collaboration takes place every day. Dive into the many examples of research collaboration within the corrosion mystery, new drilling techniques, artificial intelligence, offshore structures lifetime, the lab as the focal point for new solutions and the Valdemar field, which produces first class oil but consists of ‘tricky’ chalk as well as a peek into the world of radical innovation.

Find the DHRTC Annual Report here.

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