Mark Bentley talking

How we can avoid wasting time and resources with studies

Thursday 23 Nov 17
Get an understanding of how we can avoid wasting time and resources with studies in this talk from Mark Bentley, Training Director at AGR TRACS International.

Failing is okay and valuable as well. What is important when failing is to get the timing right and failing fast really is the best.

Mark Bentley, Training Director at AGR TRACS International has many years of experience from both academia and industry, and will is this talk from the DHRTC Technology Conference 2017 share his perspectives on how studies can make a difference and contribute to making progress and achieving change. He will also share some concrete examples of great studies that worked in theory but not in practice and what the learning outcome was in his talk:

“Making progress, achieving change – How do studies make a difference? How can we avoid wasting time and resources?”

Mark Bentley Presentation

Top Picture: Brian Nonbo

Mark Bentley, Training Director, AGR TRACS International

Mark obtained a PhD in Geology at the University of Wales and joined Shell in 1986, initially as a petroleum engineer and subsequently as a geoscientist in the UK, Oman and The Netherlands (Shell Research). In 1998, he moved to TRACS, a consulting and training company, now part of AGR, where he currently directs training.

He has evaluated fields in most of the major petroleum basins of the world, actively publishes and presents in the fields of reservoir modelling and uncertainty-handling, and is co-author of ‘Reservoir Model Design’.

His interest in this conference stems from experiences in study teams, where he has experienced technology successes but also failures. The reasons, which distinguish the two, are the subject of his opening presentation.

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