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Short course kick-starts Technology Conference

Tuesday 14 Nov 17

Larry Lake, professor of the Department of Petroleum and Geosystems engineering at the University of Texas, gives a lesson on solvent flooding and enhanced oil recovery the day before he speaks at the DHRTC Technology Conference.

The first CO2 to recover crude oil was injected into reservoirs in the early 1970s. Solvent flooding, rich gas or condensate injection flooding dates back even further.  There are now over 100 active projects in the US. Lessons from these experiences are shared at the short course on Solvent Flooding and Enhanced Oil Recovery.

35 people from both academia and industry participates in the course to learn more on this topic from one of the best in the world; Larry Lake, professor of the Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin and director of the Center for Petroleum Asset Risk Management. 

“We are introduced to other ways of thinking of Enhanced Oil Recovery. Chalk is not the only type of reservoir and Larry’s wide knowledge in the field may generate ideas which we can use in our research,” says Julie Nielsen, Petrophysical Research Assistent, University of Copenhagen.

The topics included in the course covers: volumetric sweep efficiency is inherently small, and methods for improving it are valuable, large injection rates are possible without exceeding original reservoir pressure, knowing where injected fluids really go within a reservoir remains a challenge, and for the case of CO2 injection, significant storage of CO2 is occurring.

“Offshore solvent flooding is tough but possible,” explains Larry Lake while underlining that:

“E.g. polymer and CO2 is an option for offshore use to recover the oil. If you have a well already, then it would only be natural to inject CO2.”

Larry Lake adds that CO2 storage is a clear-cut opportunity as all the technical solutions and equipment is already in place. 

At the DHRTC Technology Conference, Larry Lake will continue to share his experience with the more than 260 participants. Larry Lake is one of the keynote speakers at the conference during which he will give a talk on “Fifty years of solvent flooding experience in the US and a peek into the future”. 

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