Bruna Nabuco

Meet researcher Bruna Silva Nabuco

Thursday 09 Mar 17
Bruna Silva Nabuco is one of the many talented researchers working at Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre (DHRTC). Working on a new technique for estimating the fatigue damage of offshore structures Bruna’s research has the possibility of leading to very valuable results in the North Sea.

Bruna Silva Nabuco comes from a background as a Naval Architect and is now doing her PhD at DTU. Her project aims at finding a new technique for estimating the fatigue damage of offshore structures, which can result in significant savings in relation to the inspection planning of the platforms.

By using Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) Bruna will get acceleration measurements from a few locations at the topside of an offshore platform. This will allow her to estimate the actual stress in any point of the structure. During a monitoring period, a correlation model between the current environmental conditions acting on the structure and the actual damage will be developed. This correlation tool will be used for prediction of future and past fatigue and is assumed to result in smaller fatigue damage.

Read more about the project in the interview with Bruna.

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20 MAY 2018