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Tuesday 03 Apr 18
’Mature Oil&Gas fields in the Danish North Sea sector’ is the topic for this year’s Summer School at Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre. It is going to be two weeks of captivating presentations and not least hands on assignments and field trips to the places where new knowledge can be applied. It is possible to sign up now for the Summer School.

For the first time, Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre (DHRTC) hosts a Summer School. The focus of the school is the mature fields, which are in the Danish part of the North Sea. How can countries like Denmark in the safest way recover the oil and gas from the subsurface taking in account the challenges in relation to e.g. seismic acquisition, corrosion and scale as well as developing advanced and innovative systems.

”We want to give talented young researchers and students the opportunity to experience the many different research areas, which are in play when a complex task as oil recovery sets in motion. The young people see the world from a different perspective and I believe that this is just what we need,” says Bo Cerup-Simonsen, Centre Director at DHRTC.

“It is rewarding to be together with others from academia and industry who are just as curious and eager to learn while also challenging the existing ways of doing things.”

Five Danish institutes organise the Summer School; Aalborg University, Aarhus University, University of Copenhagen, Technical University of Denmark and Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland.

“The many competencies across the five institutions gives the participants the opportunity to challenge themselves,” explains Jens-Bo Holm-Nielsen, Head of Esbjerg Energy Section, Esbjerg Campus, Aalborg University:

”We are the five most knowledge intensive research and education institutions within oil and gas in Denmark whom together have planned this Summer School for talented young researchers. The field of competencies takes its starting point in the oil and gas research in the North Sea. However, disruption has made its entrance. This results in many new and big companies joining the fight to find innovation research based solutions, which can help improve the oil recovery from the current level at about 27% to 30-35%. There are still many challenges ahead of us”

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The programme is packed with exciting activities at both Technical University of Denmark and Aalborg University in Esbjerg. Study the entire programme; meet the lectures and sign up today for the Summer School.

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