Radical Innovation Sprint 2019

Radical Innovation Sprint

Do you have a wild idea ready to be explored for its potential? Unlock your creativity by taking part in the DHRTC Radical Innovation Sprint 2019. Together, your idea and our knowledge can lead to new research and results. Application deadline 1 May 2019.

At The Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre we want to investigate all ideas that might improve the production of oil and gas in the Danish North Sea – no matter how crazy or wild they might seem.

DHRTC’s Radical Innovation Sprint offers funding to people who have radical ideas with the potential to change the oil and gas industry. Over the last two years, 25% of submitted radical ideas were funded.

Applicants might be new to oil and gas and even practice a discipline that is normally completely unrelated to the oil and gas industry. You might be familiar with oil and gas research. Regardless we would like to engage with you to combine your idea with our knowledge.

An external committee will evaluate the submitted radical ideas anonymously and recommend which ideas to fund. The committee consists of researchers, people from the oil and gas industry, neighbor industries and people with an innovative mindset.

Ideation Workshops

Come and meet the Radical Innovation Team on our road trip of ideation workshops in order to develop your idea. We are open to collaborate with anybody and support you throughout the process. We will come to you if you will host a meeting, please reach out through our contacts.

More dates to come in February and March – you can stay updated by signing up for email alerts via mail or get in touch with your local contact

5/2 2019: GEUS and University of Copenhagen, at KU 

11/2 2019
Aalborg University, Aalborg Campus. Meetings are held on several locations at Campus, contact Marco Maschietti, Aalborg Universitet for more information. 

21/2 2019: RIS Open Session at DHRTC, Building 375, DTU

25/2 2019: Aalborg University, Esbjerg Campus. Contact Marco Maschietti, Aalborg University for more information.

26/2 2019: Aarhus University. Contact Gülnur Dogan, Aarhus University for more information. 

28/2 2019: University of Copenhagen. BioCentre in meeting room 1-0-19, from 11 to 15 o'clock

5/3 2019: University of Copenhagen. HCØ meeting room C103, from 14 to 17 o'clock 

Come and speak with us!


Everyone can apply

Application deadline before 1 May 2019. Meet us at the road trip for information on how to apply.  

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Find the application form here in WORD or PDF


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