TRL Scale

The research must produce validated concepts and prototypes which the industry can continue to work with. We therefore monitor the research projects all the way from idea to demonstration.

The aim of the research projects launched by the Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre (DHRTC) is to reach a stage where the research model has been validated and the industry has a prototype they can continue to work with. This aim is ensured at the centre using the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) scale.

DHRTC uses the TRL scale as defined by API 17N. The scale is used to assess how mature a technology is. All technologies are evaluated using common comparison criteria, permitting a better overview.

DHRTC uses the TRL scale to measure how mature a research project is.

The scale has 7 levels. The bottom level indicates the research is still at the idea stage, while level 7 is where the idea has become usable technology.

*through testing over a limited range of operating conditions. These tests can be done on a scaled version if scalable.

DHRTC works on elevating the research projects to level 3 on the TRL scale. At level 3, the concept for a new technology has been validated and a prototype of the technology has been constructed. The technology has come so far by this stage that the industry has something specific to work with and develop all the way up to level 7, where the technology has been established.

Read more about how we work with the maturation of technology in our scientific framework right here.

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Here you can download an overview over the expectations at each of the steps 1 to 3 on the TRL Scale.
23 MARCH 2019