Well and Production Technology

The objective of the Well and Production Technology work programme is to research and mature technologies for improving integrity and performance of existing and new wells. 

Log data of observation wells and 4D seismic recordings, from the Tor formation in the Halfdan field, have shown an uneven vertical sweep resulting in reduced sweep of the lower part. A significant potential is present for increasing the recovery from the deep part of the Tor formation by establishing radial wellbores from the existing horizontal development wells.

DHRTC Hypothesis

The DHRTC hypothesis is that the economic viability of existing and new production fields can be significantly improved with the availability of advanced technologies targeting well integrity, well conformance and the stimulation or enhancement of wells. 

Specifically, the programme are pursuing the three prototypes: 

  • Radial Jet Drilling - Improving the production and sweep of reservoirs
  • Improved Cement - To achieve zonal isolation and prevent need for work overs
  • Extended Reach of Coil Tubing - Enabling conformance operations in long horizontal sections

These proto types are covered by the three specific research areas: Advanced Stimulation Techniques, Well Integrity and Well Conformance that all contribute to the verification of the overarching hypotheses of the programme.

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Well and production Technology structure 


For more information about the programme and the people on the projects see the 2017 annual report. 


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Technology Readiness Level

The Technology Readiness Level (TRL) scale is used to measure the maturity of a project. All technologies are evaluated on the same basis of Comparison, which provides a better overall picture. The first step on the scale is research still in the idea phase while step 7 is where the idea has matured into applicable technology.

Read more about how we use the TRL scale at DHRTC here

Improved Sweep in Deep Tor

Maiya Medetbekova
Meet Maiya Medetbekova PhD student at DHRTC and hear about her research within radial-jet drilling in the North Sea.

Self-healing Cement

Søren Dollerup
Meet Søren Dollerup Nielsen, PhD student at, DHRTC partner institution, Aarhus University and hear about his field of research self-healing cement.

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23 MARCH 2019