Radical Innovation Sprint

Radical Innovation Sprint

Do you have a wild idea ready to be explored for its potential? Unlock your creativity by taking part in the DHRTC Radical Innovation Sprint 2018. Together, your idea and our knowledge can lead to new research and results. Deadline for submitting proposals is 1 May.

REMEMBER DEADLINE 1 MAY AT MIDNIGHT. Send your idea to this mail.

Do you have an idea still in its cradle? Now, it is time to move on with it and find out its true potential. You may wonder whether your research can be applied the oil and gas industry - In a radical sprint you can dream big and mature your idea to a potentially disruptive solution when we call for ideas, which have a line of sight to application in the Danish part of the North Sea.

You might be new to oil and gas industry and even practice a discipline that is normally completely unrelated to the oil and gas industry. You might be familiar with oil and gas research; Regardless we would like to engage with you to combine your idea with our knowledge.

Ideation Workshop Roadtrip

Come and meet the Radical Innovation Team consisting of oil and gas industry professionals at one of our ideation sessions in order to develop your idea.

Our ideation road trip is finalised, however you are always welcome to contact the team.

Everyone can apply

Present your idea as you see fit (A3 size) and fill in this form to submit your idea no later than 1 May 2018.

Radical Innovation submission 

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Get your radical idea funded - Go for a radical sprint


Things to know

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Radical Innovation application
Fill in this form to submit your idea and present your idea as you see fit (A3 size).


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